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Are these the sorts of things being taught to kids here? Your vet takes a urine sample if your rabbit can pee, or inserts a catheter into his bladder to collect a sample if your bunny seems blocked. She can analyze the. Blaze kept watching in solace until the shrill sound of boiling water in a tea kettle harshly pierced the silence.

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Thanks anyway. Cream's mom, Vanilla, didn't do anything to stop Blaze, but she . task with a boost, and faced her while keeping pace with the bunny. I've been doing standing pees for a long time now, at least when there isn't a toilet. An attack by another bunny?

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The cold wind snaking from the open window couldn't calm my throbbing heart or my heated, sweating body. Cream is in the bathroom at the moment and Amy nipped to the shop." Tikal said. "I see." For the second time during her term, Tails was pulling Cream's panties down the rabbit's thighs. "Ring print .. Just let me go pee first. I have been feeding her the same pellets as the store was and just introduced her to alfalfa hay.

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If the pee is clear and not cloudy, it is probably not blood. My girl is about 7 months old now and she twice today has had milky/thick urine.. not necessarily white, not really of in between like. The clinical signs of urinary calculi and hypercalciuria are similar.

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It may be partly a hereditary disorder. Species: Rabbit/Hare Gender: Female It seems to me that Vanilla is trying to show Cream how big girls go potty. how about vanilla peeing in the bushes?. Very funny to watch.

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Urinary calculi are large solid stones, also known as uroliths, that can be found anywhere within the urinary tract. I get people calling me all the time in a panic because their rabbit just left a big puddle of bright orange or red pee. They want to know what kind. And of course she can't get on that or the Ferris Wheel.

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I found this very useful but unfortunately a little too late. Urinary bladder problems are seen in rabbits of all breeds, of all ages, and of . Unless the rabbit is urinating on a light-colored surface, it is easy for blood in the . The caecotrophs usually appear four hours after a meal, and are mostly done around about noon or lunchtime.

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In fact, one study demonstrated that temporary obstruction of the ureters caused kidney stone formation in percent of rabbits tested. We only give that to young bunnies under six months old or seniors who are having trouble keeping weight on. While performing a bacterial culture on the urine can be an important diagnostic tool, it is sometimes difficult to determine if the bacteria present was ultimately the cause of the problem or occurred as a result of the chronic irritation and damage to the urinary system by the stone or sludge. But then again, this is her first time.

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I'll take out the white gold of yours. It's ok. Sometimes bunny pee isdifferent colors. They even pee orange's probably the calcium. If you are giving alfalfa hay,give a. Simple hook to secure toilet in cage Firm lock!

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I need to know how you feel about me. My friend who just got her rabbit from a pet store came to me today telling me that her rabbit had thick yellow pee and she thinks that it is sick. Her bunny could have a bladder infection or needs a low calcium diet. My rabbits have thicker dark yellow pee in the summer if they. However, apparently if you make it without wanting to, it has the opposite effect.


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